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Generations Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya , Mexico    June 3, 2016

Passports are required on this trip


Deposit Due January 20, 2016

$300 per person deposit

Final Payment Due March 15, 2016

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you would like to reserve.

512-388-6526 or email

Generations Riviera Maya, a relaxed resort for everyone. Our guests from all ages will have an unforgettable vacation at our award-winning resort. A 144 all suite, Gourmet Inclusive ®, luxury resort located in the heart of Riviera Maya

A dream vacation for the whole family. Relax with your couple under the Caribbean sun’s caress as your children have fun in the Eko Kids Club, the perfect place to live ecological adventures and learn in a supervised space. Babies will also have a great time and enjoy the Caribbean at the Baby Beach Lounge. You and the older members of your family can indulge in the facilities of our sister properties, El Dorado Royale a Spa Resort and El Dorado Casitas Royale, in addition to enjoying our deluxe amenities.


Resort Info

The Country

Travel FAQ's

Room Rates:

Please Note: All prices are subject to change and are based on availability.
Ocean Front Luxury Jacuzzi Suite

                Occupancy            Single (1 person)      Double (2 people)         Child (13-17)        Child (3-12)        Child (2 years)

                3 Night Rate           $973 p/person           $787 p/person                $292 p/person        $199 p/person       $43 p/person

                Add Night Price      $310 p/person           $248 p/person                $83 p/person          $52 p/person         $0 


Luxurious suites that provide you with deluxe amenities: jacuzzi for two, 42 LCD TV, wireless internet, Blue Ray Disc, iPod docking station, alarm clock, one king size bed or two double beds, and minibar with different beverage choices and sweet and savory snacks plus kids. Luxury suites that provide you with the following commodities: jacuzzi for two, 42 LCD TV, wireless internet, Blue Ray Disc, iPod docking, alarm clock, king size bed or two double beds, minibar with gourmet snacks, and baby amenities (strollers, cribs, pack and plays, baby changing tables, monitors, baby bathrobes, etc). 

Max. Occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children
Size: 722 sq ft.

Call for a quote: 512-388-6526
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Ocean Front One Bedroom Jacuzzi Suite Swim Up

                Occupancy            Single (1 person)      Double (2 people)        Child (13-17)        Child (3-12)        Child (2 years)

                3 Night Rate           $1,333 p/person        $1,132 p/person             $292 p/person        $199 p/person       $43 p/person

                Add Night Price      $430 p/person           $363 p/person               $83 p/person          $52 p/person         $0 


This category includes all the amenities described in the Ocean Front One Bedroom Jacuzzi Suite, including a water mirror in the balcony, that connects to the main pool and swim-up bar. 

Max. Occupancy: 2 adults, 2 children
Size: 1287 sq ft

Ocean Front One Bedroom Infinity Pool Jacuzzi Suite

                Occupancy            Single (1 person)      Double (2 people)         Child (13-17)        Child (3-12)        Child (2 years)

                3 Night Rate           $1,333 p/person         $1,132 p/person             $292 p/person        $199 p/person       $43 p/person

                Add Night Price      $430 p/person           $363 p/person                $83 p/person          $52 p/person         $0 


Luxurious suites equipped with two double beds, LCD TV, Blue Ray Disc player, iPod docking station, safety deposit box, lavish bathrooms (amenity kit, hair dryer, vanity mirror, and double sinks included), coffee maker, Jacuzzi for two, and an infinity pool in the terrace. 

Max. Occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children
Size: 1,287 sq. ft.

Ocean Front Two Bedroom Jacuzzi Suite Swim Up

Occupancy            Double (2 people)      Triple (3 people)      Quad (4 people)      Child (13-17)        Child (3-2)        Child (2 years)

3 Night Rate           $1,852 p/person          $1,252 p/person        $949 p/person           $292 p/person        $199 p/person     $43 p/person

Add Night Price      $603 p/person             $403 p/person          $302 p/person            $83 p/person         $52 p/person       n/a


This elegant two-bedroom suite provides the same amenities described in the Ocean Front Two Bedroom Jacuzzi Suite, but including an infinity pool in the balcony that connects to the main pool and the swim-up bar.

Max. Occupancy: 4 adults + 4 children 
Size: 2,009 sq. ft.

Room Terms and Conditions:


    •  Room prices are listed PER PERSON based on the number of guests in each room.

    •  ALL-INCLUSIVE - Hotel accommodations, All Inclusive Meal Plan, taxes, gratuities, and shared round trip airport transfers from CUN airport.

    •  All meals and drinks including alcoholic beverages.

    •  These rates are an early booking special with a limited number of rooms available, rates can not be guaranteed after the deposit date. Please submit     your deposit to secure your rate.

    •  MINIMUM STAY: 3 Nights 


** AIR NOT INCLUDED ** Call 512-388-6526 or email for custom quote available or book on your own.
Vacations In Paradise is the dedicated Destination Wedding Travel Specialist assigned to arrange the best travel packages for our wedding. To ensure coordination in all planning, please make your travel arrangements through our travel agents at Vacations In Paradise.


Dress Code:

To enhance our unique dining experience, please comply with the following casual elegant dress code in all gourmet restaurants.

   •  Ladies: Dresses, skirts, long pants, shoes, Capri pants and elegant sandals. 
   •  Gentleman: Long pants, collared shirts and casual shoes. 
   •  Permitted: Formal bermudas and formal sandals. 
   •  Not Permitted: Baseball caps, peaks, tank tops & flip-flops and sport shorts.

    •  Ladies: Sun dresses, elegant sandals, T-shirts and skirts.
    •  Permitted: Shorts, T-shirts, flip flops.
    •  Gentlemen: Long pants, formal bermudas, polo shirts, sleeved T-shirts, sandals and tennis shoes.
    •  Permitted: Shorts, sleeved T-shirts, flip flops.
    •  Not Permitted: Swimming suites, bikinis, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, baseball caps or any type of hat.


Travel Insurance:

Per person (Recommended).  Trip insurance protects your investment. Travel Protection Plan payment required at time of booking.

Once paid, Travel Protection Plan is non-refundable. Cancel for any reason and travel protection:.  View more



                                                      Trip cost per person              Cost per Adult                      Cost per Child (age 0-12) 

                                                                                                   Published Airfare                  Published Airfare
​                                                       Up to $999.99                        $99                                       $30
                                                       $1,000 - $1,499.99                 $109                                      $50
                                                       $1,500 - $3,999.99                 $149                                      $50
                                                       $4,000 and higher                   $169                                      $50 


TSA Secure Flight information is mandatory while making the reservation.

Required: Full Name as it appears on your government I.D., Date of Birth and Gender  



Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are nonrefundable.There is a minimum cancellation fee of $150 per person after reservation is under deposit, up until final payment. After final payment the reservation is non refundable.The change fee is $50 per person. Late payment fees may apply. The hotel may have additional penalties at the time of cancellation. All cancellations must be received in writing. Travel insurance protects your investment. 



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