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Tips for attending a Bridal Show

Here are 12 tips for engaged couples attending wedding shows.

1. Pre-register for the wedding shows. It saves you time at check in and sometimes a few bucks.

2. Create an email for you and your fiance just for the wedding details.

3. Type up and print labels that include your names, address, phone, email, and wedding date. Use these for registering with the vendors.

4. Check on the times of the fashion shows. You may want to get their early to get a good seat, or it's a great time to go back and ask questions with one of your A list vendors.

5. Wear comfortable shoes! Most shows don't have a lot of casual seating.

6. Bring reusable bags - keep one for "the good stuff" and another for things you will want to take a second look at.

7. Bring your fiance! His or her import is very important!

8. Keep an open mind to see ideas, inspiration and services you may not have considered.

9. Leave the children at home. You'll be able to focus on what you came to do, not struggling with the stroller pushing your way through the crowd.

10. If you see a vendor you've already booked, ask them for referrals or testimonials of vendors you spoke with at the show.

11. Don't register for everything if you don't need it.

12. If you've booked a service already, be polite and say no thank and keep walking.

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